This started as a collection of solutions, how to’s, data & information that I pieced together. Originally this was just a notebook sitting on my desk that I referenced. As the notebook grew I also grew. Over the years I have learned a lot about technology and slowly began to learn more about the people around it. I began reaching out to some people because I wanted them to know that they are making a difference or at least that what they wrote about had helped me in some way. The responses I received were surprising. Many did not know or even intend on making as large of an impact as they do. They write about what they love or are passionate about. There are incredibly bright individuals who are certainly smarter than I am and write about what they know not for notoriety or popularity. I venture to say many even dislike the limelight. I am starting to realize that no matter how small, everything we do has a effect on the world and changes it in a very real way.