How to add Image to Glance For the impatient: Microstack is admittedly not my favorite way to deploy openstack, probably because it takes some getting used to. Running openstack services in isolated containers makes things more secure, easier to deploy, homogeneous.. there are so many obvious reasons Canonical did it this way. But it is… Read More

A video of this process is also below. Scroll Down to find it. Turnkey Linux is a very convenient way to obtain a very large assortment of pre-made virtual appliances for many different virtualization platforms, including Openstack. However deploying the appliances to Openstack is a bit more involved then other platforms.  Here I will try to… Read More

Quick Video to setup Centos 7 during a fresh installation for RDO Packstack Juno so that you have more storage space. By default RDO Packstack uses the root partition for Openstack leaving the bulk of your hard drive space unused. In this short video we will re arrange partition space to use this to our… Read More