So after a complete infrastructure overhaul, that took way to long and went stupidly over budget, my blog is back online! Yipee to me! Not that many people missed it, but Im glad my little haven that lets me vent is back online.

As for my infrastructure between the bells and the whistle are more bells and more whistles! My goal was to let me easily create labs. I do a lot of hypervisor work, so nested virtualization was king. I must say I did not dissapoint me! There is now not one bare metal usable piece of equipment anywhere. Absolutely everything is virtual and I’m not missing it one bit. Need a new network card on my desktop to connect to a different network for a second? No problem! and i don’t even have to get up… 2 clicks and im up and running! Ill share the specs in a future post.



Aliens? Any thoughts?

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