This is a quickie! I come across this a lot, you try to install specialized software like Mikrotik routeros, ClearOS, Endian Firewall, any job specific operating system (nas, iSCSI targets.) the list is pretty much endless. Many times it ends in frustration as the virtual machine hangs or freezes on boot.

Next time this happens to you, try this.

Create the virtual machine using the “other” template.

Before booting it for the first time, ssh to your Xenserver pool master or standalone host and type:

xe vm-list

Find the name of the virtual machine you just created and take note of its UUID.

You can also find the UUID in Xencenter by clicking on the virtual machine and looking in the “General” tab under “uuid”.

Next, back on your Xenserver pool master type:

xe vm-param-set uuid=put-the-uuid-here platform:viridian=false

Now try booting your vm!


Aliens? Any thoughts?

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