Dell’s iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) is a out of band server management card installed on enterprise servers.

It lets you manage the server as if you were physically present at the remote location of your server(s). Along with a graphical web interface which lets you see and manage boot, storage, network, BIOS / UEFI settings and even lets you connect to the video console remotely as if you were to connect a monitor directly to the server. It is very helpful to also be able to manage the server from the command line for quick actions or for automation.

To start or reboot your server using a command line you can ssh into idrac as a administrative user.

By default the username root

the command:

racadm getsysinfo

Will give you current information about the servers status as well as other information.

To reboot your server:

racadm serveraction hardreset

That command is the equivalent of being physically present at the server and power cycling it. So use it accordingly.

Aliens? Any thoughts?

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