I have about 10 servers, several routers, and 5 enterprise and open switches. I want to rewire all of these things in different configurations frequently. I also want to change the hypervisors that run on the 10 servers. i want to do this the easiest way possible. Remotely.

If I’m being truly honest with myself I don’t want to lift a finger. I want to dream of a configuration and wake up to find it wired correctly , neatly, have the VTEP on my night stand (which is wireless, of course) connected at layer 2 to the ridiculous spaghetti based network overlay that spans and stretches between exotic servers I saw installed each with different hypervisors at remote parts of discovered and some still undiscovered continents I visited while my alarm clock BLARED at me to wake up because your new lab is ready.

What Open source software does that?

Aliens? Any thoughts?

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